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Fall Break Camp is a great opportunity to experience the fun of camp over a weekend and get a feel for what Camp Conquest is all about! 

Fall Break weekend will be a small group of 20 campers and 20 volunteers gathering together to celebrate the season and have some cozy fall fun. 



Please reach out to our Camp Director, Becca Bryant if you have any questions. 


Jesus teaches that life is not all about us. It's about serving Jesus and his people, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! We have to consider others more important than ourselves and be willing to put aside our personal desires for those around us. If you can do that, then you have the qualifications to be a Volunteer at Camp Conquest. No matter what your experience or skills, if you have a passion for helping others, we will work to find a way for you to join in. 

Our volunteers are paired one-on-one with a camper to assist with their needs, build a relationship, and have fun right alongside them. Each group of 10-12 campers and volunteers is overseen by our trained staff who will provide guidance and support during camp. Volunteers receive training before campers arrive to help them navigate their week at camp. 


Want to know more? Check out Volunteer FAQs. 

We would love to talk to you about what volunteering at Camp Conquest will be like. Please reach out to our Camp Director, Becca Bryant if you have any questions.