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At the end of summer camp 2018, with 72 campers on a waiting list and multiple organizations requesting a week of camp for their guests, the decision was made to purchase a permanent home for Camp Conquest.


When completed, Camp Conquest is designed to be the first fully ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Compliant Facility of its kind in West TN. 

Below are our plans for the future.

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Phase II

This phase is all about expanding our dining hall, creating more paved paths to get around camp, and adding in landscaping to make camp truly shine.


Phase IV

More campers means more staff! This phase focuses on increasing our space for our staff to sleep, in addition to more infrastructure upgrades.


Phase I

Our first goal is to make our new home fully operational, as well as filled with all the basic activities that make camp so much fun! This includes items like upgrading our septic system, building a pool and zipline, and most importantly, making every inch of camp accessible and ADA compliant for our guests.

For a full list of plans, including budget, click here!

Phase III

Camp continues to grow year by year, and with a new, permanent home, we expect that even more! This phase includes building new cabins, adding more fun activities, and making infrastructure improvements.


Phase V

Our most exciting planned addition to camp is a LAZY RIVER! This will give so many of our campers an activity to enjoy with their friends and volunteers. This phase also includes continued improvements to camp property. 

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Camp Conquest is a special needs non-profit that serves individuals with special needs through special needs summer camps and weekend camps at our retreat center located in Millington TN.

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