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Missionaries FAQs

What do Missionaries do at Camp Conquest?

Volunteers commit to serving at camp from Sunday afternoon through Saturday morning. You will be paired with a camper and work with them to meet their physical, social, and emotional needs throughout the week. Including a lot of fun activities with your cabin! 

How old do I have to be to serve at camp?

Missionaries must be 15 years of age by June 1 to serve at camp.

Do I need experience working with people with disabilities or special needs?

Nope! Missionaries arrive at camp on Sunday before the campers arrive on Monday at 4:30 pm and go through training specific to working at camp. Our trained staff is also there to help throughout the week. 

What is the fee to Missionaries?

Volunteers pay $100 per week. Camp Conquest is a nonprofit, and this helps to cover the cost of all meals, snacks, national background checks (18+), and other expenses. Please reach out to us if you need help covering the Missionaries fee!

Where do Missionaries sleep?

Missionaries sleep on the top bunk above their camper or close by. 

What kind of activities will we do at camp?

Lots! Horseback riding, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, dance parties, Zipline, and more is coming in 2022.

What's the deal with parties?

We love to party at camp! There is a themed party each night of the week, so come prepared to dress for the occasion and enjoy a fun night with your camper! '

What time should I get to camp, and when do I leave?

Volunteers arrive at 5:00 pm on Sunday and will leave camp by 11:30 am on Saturday. 

Can I serve more than one week?

Yes! We would love for you to serve for multiple weeks! (To stay at camp in-between weeks, volunteers must be over 18 and have prior permission from our Camp Director. Please email Nathan at to discuss multiple weeks at camp.)

What should I pack?

Please see our Packing List. 

Is there anything I shouldn't bring to camp?

Cell phones*, chewing gum, candy/snacks, cigarettes, expensive items, and large amounts of cash should not be brought to camp. If brought to camp, these items will be collected and returned at the end of camp.

*For liability reasons, all cell phones will be collected on Monday before campers arrive at camp and returned once campers leave on Saturday morning. We do have a camp office phone for emergencies.

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