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teen volunteer sitting with young camper with special needs, listening to someone talking to them

Counselors, Cabin Parents, Conquerors

Do you have a heart for truly serving and being the hands and feet of Christ. That is what our missionaries do at Camp Conquest. From transferring our less mobile campers into a canoe for the first time ever, or having a dance off with a young girl with autism.  Missionaries make our campers experience extraordinary and find a perspective on their own lives they have never seen before. If you are ready to serve "lean in" and sign up for our next session now. We have positions for ages 13 to 300.

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Camp Conquest Staff


Jousting matches on the lake, late night games of tag with a camper that doesn't want to go to bed and building lifelong friendships along the way. This is not Starbucks or an accounting internship, this is living life to the fullest and loving people with your heart on your sleeve. Join our growing community of brothers and sisters from all over the country now! 

summer staff cheering and smilling while campers arrive
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summer staff member spending time with camper with special needs

Partner with Us

Camp cannot happen without our amazing donors. From building new facilities, to providing campers with life-changing experiences, we need your help to make camp happen. We graciously ask you to partner with us in our mission!

Camp Conquest is a special needs non-profit that offers volunteering opportunities for people in western TN and across the country. Youth volunteer opportunities, adult volunteer opportunities and more are offered through our camps at our retreat center near Memphis TN.

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