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  Summer Camp 2024  

Missionary Details

Week 1

June 2nd, 5pm - June 8th, 11am

Week 2

June 9th, 5pm - June 15th, 11am

Week 3

June 16th, 5pm - June 22nd, 11am

Week 4

June 23rd, 5pm - June 29th, 11am


All missionaries pay $100 to cover meals for the week. Camp Conquest is a non-profit organization. These fees help us put on these summer camps for the growth of our campers and our missionaries.

Serve With Us




Cabin Parents

Any Age

Ages 15-60

Ages 13-15


Nurses: As one of the camp nurses, you have the daily responsibility of delivering medications to everyone on campus. Camp nurses also handle any medical emergencies during camp. Depending on your preference, you may also be involved in activities and parties with campers. Please select how much involvement you would like to have in your application.

Counselors: You will get paired one on one with the camper of your choice. During camp, you are not only their friend, but you help make camp possible for them. This includes keeping them safe and encouraging them during activities, assisting in everyday routines, and helping make activities accessible to them. Your biggest responsibility is to truly love them selflessly and right where they are, just like Christ. 

Conquerors: As the youngest member of the Camp Conquest Missionary Team, you help ensure camp runs smoothly for the campers. You will assist with party setup and tear-down, running games at parties, and other behind-the-scenes activities. 

Cabin Parents: While you will not be paired one-on-one with a camper, you still get to help with a  cabin group. This includes aiding the other missionaries and being an overall parental figure with the staff in your cabin. This is a perfect role for parents or guardians who are accompanying a youth group or their own child who is also a missionary.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why become a Missionary? 

Jesus teaches that life is not all about us. It's about serving Jesus and his people and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! We have to consider others more significant than ourselves and be willing to put aside our personal desires for those around us. If you can do that, then you have the qualifications to be a missionary at Camp Conquest. No matter your experience or skills, if you have a passion for helping others, we will find a way for you to join in. 

Our missionaries have the opportunity to be paired one-on-one with a camper to assist with their needs, build a relationship, and have fun right alongside them. Each group of 10-12 campers and missionaries is overseen by our trained staff, who will provide guidance and support during camp. Missionaries receive training before campers arrive to help them navigate their week at camp. 


Want to know more? Check out Missionary FAQs. 

Please email or call (901) 545-2267 if you have any questions.

Daily Summer Camp Schedule

7:00AM - Wake Up 

8:00AM - Morning Songs 

8:30AM - Breakfast 

9:30AM - Devotion 

10:30AM - 1st Activity

11:30AM - 2nd Activity 

12:30PM - Lunch 

1:30PM - Afternoon Rest Time                       (Missionaries off*) 

3:00PM - 3rd Activity 

4:00PM - Free Time 

5:30PM - Camper Showers 

6:30PM - Dinner 

7:30PM - Evening Party

8:30PM - Worship 

10:00PM - Camper Lights Out + Cabin Family Time                     (missionary and staff group time)

11:00PM - Lights Out for Missionaries


*Missionaries must remain on camp property 

Weekly Summer Camp Schedule

Sunday -  

Monday -  

Tuesday -  

Wednesday -  

Thursday -  

Friday -  

Saturday -  

Missionaries Arrive 

Campers Arrive 

Camp Day 1 

Camp Day 2 

Camp Day 3 

Camp Day 4 

Closing Day

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