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Our Purpose

Camp Conquest is a special needs non-profit that serves individuals of all ages and all disabilities through summer camp and weekend camp experiences. Through these experiences our campers are able to make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, as well as do things they never thought possible.

male camper with special needs laughing while pouring paint on volunteer who is smiling and giving a thumbs up
group picture of girls cabin of special needs campers and their female volunteers. all smiling and happy to be at summer camp.


Stay up to date on all things Camp Conquest. Announcements are updated once a month or as needed. Here you will find out the latest news of Camp Conquest or discover the latest features and development of your favorite camp.

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group picture of boys' cabin at special needs summer camp. there are campers standing and sitting, one in a wheel chair. They are holding a flag they decorated in arts and crafts.

At Camp Conquest, individuals are not defined by their disability. We are proud to serve individuals with wide-ranging diagnosis and provide a space for all to experience the joy of friendship, laughter, and trying new things.

volunteer giving piggy back ride to young camper with special needs. both are smiling.

Camp could not happen without them! We strive to maintain a one to one ratio for our campers, meaning every camper has their own personal volunteer for the week. Every summer our campers and volunteers form life-changing friendships. We love our volunteers!

3 staff members are smiling and cheering for camper arrival. we love our campers.

 Our highly-trained staff bring the responsibility and the hype! Each summer we hire exceptional young adults to lead our campers and volunteers. If you are a young adult between the ages of 18 and 25, apply now for a summer experience like you've never had before!

young male camper with special needs climbing the rockwall and smiling.

Support Camp

Camp Conquest is a special needs non-profit ministry. We rely entirely on the generous support of donors to make our summer camp and weekend camps possible. Consider how you can be a part of this journey in improving the lives of special needs individuals.

male camper smiling and wearing noise canceling headphones at summer camp
smiling camper with special needs pets a horse next to her volunteer who is also smiling.
two volunteers and one camper with special needs paddle a canoe in the lake, smiling and having fun.
camper slides headfirst down the slip-n-slide water slide, smiling and laughing
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